Amalgam Fillings From The Holistic Dentistry Perspective

So what do holistic dentists think about amalgam fillings? As you can imagine, dentists that focus on whole-body health aren’t that keen on fillings that are made from about 50 percent mercury, a substance known to be harmful. And why would patients still allow this substance to be in their mouths?

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For many decades, amalgam fillings were the standard. That’s despite the fact that there was some controversy involving their use from the time the practice arrived in the United States from Europe in the 1880s. But the controversy should have ended in 2007 when an agency of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services listed mercury as a hazardous substance. In fact, the agency called mercury the third most hazardous substance examined.

But millions of people had and in many cases still have mercury in their mouths. And there is some hazard from removing it, especially if the removal is not done in a safe way that prevents as much of the mercury as possible from getting into the bloodstream and into the air for the dental workers to breath and touch.

Amalgam is required to carry a disclaimer warning that it can cause neurotic and nephrotoxic reactions. That’s serious. And some states add a warning that amalgam fillings may cause reproductive issues including birth defects too.

There’s no doubt that amalgam fillings have stood the test of time and are very strong and resistant to abrasion. But composite is completely safe and works well too. Since a filling stays in place for years or even decades, why not make the safer choice?

Holistic dentists almost unanimously choose composite and other restoration options over potentially harmful amalgam fillings. And wouldn’t you too, given the facts? Amalgam is a bad idea, and the time for its use has passed. Today, holistic dentists focus on dental restorations that don’t compromise overall health.



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