Shocking Facts about Silver Fillings

The health of your mouth goes a long way in determining the overall health of your body. There are certain things that you tend to take for granted, which will in the long run only make things worse for you. It is often advisable that you pay attention to your dental health, so that you can easily take care of your body too. You will come to realize that those who have a terrible dental health, easily get problems with the rest of their body from time to time.

There are certain things that you do every other day, like brushing your teeth, visiting the dentist and so forth. There are even those who have dental fillings on their teeth, to be precise, silver dental fillings. In the event that you have these fillings, you must notice and realize the kind of danger that you have put yourself into.

According to top San Diego Dentist, Paige Woods, DDS:

For those who have silver dental fillings, you have to realize that these fillings actually weigh about half their weight in mercury. So, how and why is mercury so dangerous? Take note whenever you go to a hospital, or consider any situation where you have seen a mercury thermometer get broken, and remember how the cleanup process was done. You can almost paint a clear picture in your mind, of the scraper, mask, gloves and the dust pan, all being used to clean it off the floor. This is just one of the clear indications of how dangerous it is for you to have mercury in your body.

The people who clean this up certainly do not wish to risk any kind of exposure when using mercury, so why on earth would they allow the same thing to be used within the body, and worse still, in your mouth, where food passes through every other day? In short, you are actually ingesting mercury into your body each and every other day. The ramifications of this go far and wide, and could even lead to some of the cancers that people struggle with every other time.

The Environmental Protection Agency classifies the mercury that has been removed from fillings as toxic waste. Therefore it becomes a challenge trying to understand why this would be in your body in the first place. In the course of removal, and even after this procedure, there are some safety protocols that have to be followed, to make sure that this process does not put your life at risk. First of all, the air inside the room must always meet particular standards that have been determined by the appropriate authorities.

It is a dangerous thing if you have mercury in your mouth. You chew things every other day, and in the course of this process, there are tiny bits of the fillings that seep into your bloodstream, and as a result you find yourself sick from time to time. This kind of exposure is toxic, and if passed on to the kids and the unborn kids, might as well endanger their lives too.

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