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Glass Sliding DoorThere are tons of reasons people buy houses. A wrap around porch. A walk in closet fit for a queen. A kitchen every chef would die for. But one thing buyers and sellers alike can agree on is location. It can make or break a home. And more times than not, its what sells the home. If you’re one of the many who bought your home for the amazing view off the great room or master bedroom, then you should invest in sliding glass doors. There is no easier way to bring the outdoors into your home than glass sliding patio doors.

Full glass panel doors allow all the natural light you could ever want inside your home. They break down the barrier that a full wall would otherwise create. If your ceiling allows it, choose an 8’ tall door so that there is no obstruction to your view. A clear glass option will give you optimal view. Even line an entire wall with glass panels if you have a panoramic view your are trying to enjoy. Choosing a french sliding door will allow for a six foot opening while also having full height windows on either side of the door.

If you are wanting to really open up your home to your outdoor area choose a door with a larger opening. Some sliding doors slide into one side panel on either side of the room that houses each glass panel allowing for an open feeling from inside out. By choosing this style of door you have now expanded your living space while also taking full advantage of the spectacular view that made you purchase the home to begin with. This is great for a dining room right off a kitchen that leads onto a deck or a large great room that can only house half the guests you typical entertain.

Sometimes the view is not off the living room but instead part of the master bedroom design. Sliding glass doors that open onto a patio or balcony off the master bedroom is sure to take your breath away every morning. This will create a private oasis that only you get to enjoy so why would you not want to take advantage of that? Choose your door size according to the amount of access you want.

Sliding glass patio doors are the perfect opportunity to open your home to the outdoors. They allow you to create a seamless flow from inside to out and also give fill access to any view you wish. Whether you want this to be something all your guests can enjoy or something more personal just for you, sliding glass patio doors are perfect.

Reference: KNR Sliding & Glass Doors Los Angeles

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